doubt是什么意思(doubt 和 suspect 都有怀疑的意思)

新概念英语第三册第30课 语法课文词汇全析全解(一)

新概念第 三册

Lesson 30 The death of a ghost

单词表 带★这是重点词汇,带?是核心词汇



1. ★重点词汇 labourer ['leib?r?] n.劳动者(也做laborer)

labourer uk laborers us a person who does unskilled physical work, especially outside (尤指在户外的)体力劳动者,劳工,工人a person whose job involves hard physical work that is not skilled, especially work that is done outdoors

His son is a farm labourer.他的儿子是农场工人。

The time has come to put the farm labourer at the heart of technology and development policies. 现在已经是把农业劳动者放在技术和发展政策的中心地位的时候了。

He found his way to a small remote village. He lived there as a hard working labourer , married a very poor woman, and had two children.他来到一个边远的小村子。他在那里做苦力,并和一个生活很贫困的女人结了婚,还有了两个孩子。

A 13-year-old girl, also in the northwest, used to live with her mother, a day labourer, and stepfather, a hunter. 一名同样住在西北部的13岁少女,跟当工人的母亲和当猎人的继父同住。

2.★重点词汇overnight ['?uv?nait] ad.一夜期间

adjective , adverbTIME OF DAY 时间for or during the night 一夜间(的);在夜间(的),在晚上(的)

an overnight stop in Paris 在巴黎停留过夜

You can stay overnight if you want to. 要是你愿意可以住一宿。

Don't forget to pack an overnight bag (= a bag for things that you need when you stay away from home for a night). 别忘了收拾在外过夜的用品旅行袋。

SUDDENLY 突然(的)suddenly and unexpectedly 突然(的);一夜之间(的)

She became a star overnight. 她一夜之间成了明星。

The book was an overnight success. 这本书一举获得成功。

新概念英语第三册第30课 语法课文词汇全析全解(一)

3.?核心词汇 hay [hei] n.干草;hay


1. 干草;hay,grass that has been cut and dried and is used as food for animals

2. hay (informal)少量的钱a small amount of money

Make hay while the sun shines 要趁太阳高照晾晒干草。


Make hay while the sun shines.=Strike while the iron is HOT.

Make hay while the sun shines or you’ll regret missing the opportunities in your life.要把握良机,否则你会为失去人生中的众多机会而后悔不已。

If you want to be successful before thirty, you have to make hay while the sun shines.如果你想在三十岁前成功,就要抓住机会,以免错过良机。

The film crew are touring around the world to promote their new romantic comedy prior to Valentine's. They are making hay while the sun shines.

4. ★corn [k?:n] n.谷物 重点词汇

1.(the seeds of) plants, such as wheat, maize, oats and barley that can be used to produce flour (小麦、玉米、燕麦、大麦等)谷物,谷粒

a sheaf of corn 一捆谷物

grains of corn 谷粒

2. [U] US the seeds of the maize plant, or the plant itself 玉米(粒)[ U] mainly US slang something which is old-fashioned, boring, or done to cause emotion 陈腐的东西;老一套;煽情的东西

Everyone says it's a great movie, but I think it's just corn. 人人都说这是部好电影,但我觉得无非又是老一套。

In good years corn is hay, in ill years straw is corn (英国谚语)丰年五谷贱如草,荒年稻草贵如粮。

Measure another's corn by one's own bushel. 以己度人。

5. moonlight ['mu:nlait] n.月光

6. conscientious ['k?n?i'en??s] a.认真的


putting a lot of effort into your work 认真的;尽心尽责的;一丝不苟的

a conscientious student认真的学生



新概念英语第三册第30课 语法课文词汇全析全解(一)

7.?suspect [s?s'pekt] v.怀疑 核心词汇




n. 猜想;犯罪嫌疑人;猜疑

1. suspect v.作及物动词或不及物动词,[t][i]疑有,觉得(尤指坏事可能属实或发生)to have an idea that sth is probably true or likely to happen, especially sth bad, but without having definite proof

2. [及物动词t]怀疑(某人有罪)to have an idea that sb is guilty of sth, without having definite proof

3. [及物动词t] suspect sth怀疑;感觉有问题;不信任to be suspicious about sth; to not trust sth

4.suspect怀疑,猜想,认为(某事有可能), to think or believe something to be true or probable

So far, the police do not suspect foul play. 目前,警察没有怀疑是谋杀。

5.[suspect + ( that)]

We had no reason to suspect (that) he might try to kill himself.我们没有理由认为他会自杀。 think that someone has committed a crime or done something wrong 怀疑…有罪,认为…有嫌疑

No one knows who killed her, but the police suspect her husband. 没有人知道谁杀了她,但是警方认为她丈夫有嫌疑。

The police suspect him of carrying out two bottles of oil. 警方怀疑他携带了两瓶汽油。

7. suspect, to not trust; to doubt不信任;怀疑

I have no reason to suspect her honesty/loyalty.我没有理由怀疑她的诚实/忠诚。

We suspected his motives in making his offer.我们对他提出这个建议的动机表示怀疑。

8.suspected adjective

He has a suspected broken leg. 他的腿可能断了。

9.noun 可数名词C a person believed to have committed a crime or done something wrong, or something believed to have caused something bad嫌疑犯,可疑分子

Police have issued a photograph of the suspect.CN: 警方已經發布疑犯的照片。CNS: 警方已经发布了疑犯的照片。

The prime suspect in the case committed suicide.CN: 這宗案件的主要嫌疑人自殺了。CNS: 这起案件的主要嫌疑人自杀了。

No one knows what caused the outbreak of food poisoning, but shellfish is the main suspect (= is thought to have caused it).没有人知道造成这起食物中毒事件的原因,但怀疑很可能是吃贝类食品造成的。

possibly false or dangerous不可靠的,不可信的,可疑的;危险的

The study was carried out with such a small sample that its results are suspect.这项研究选取的样本如此之少,所以其结果并不可靠。

A suspect parcel was found at the station. 在车站发现了一个可疑包裹。

新概念英语第三册第30课 语法课文词汇全析全解(一)

9.★desert ['dez?t, di'z?:t]



v. (士兵)擅离(部队);逃走;开小差;放弃,撇下不管;遗弃;舍弃,离弃(某地方);背离,使失望;(感觉、品质或技艺)离开,丧失

adj. 沙漠的;荒凉的;被抛弃的

n. 沙漠,荒原;沉闷乏味的境况(或地区),冷清的地方;应得的赏罚(常用复数)

①He wants to use the water to irrigate barren desert land.他想用该水来灌溉贫瘠的沙漠土地。

②Desert plants are adapted to cope with extreme heat. 沙漠植物适于耐酷热。

③It is one of the rare places in the world where the desert meets the sea.那是世界上沙漠和海洋相接的少有的地方之一。

④Though small, the country has abundant plants from desert grasses to tropical jungle.这个国家虽然小,但植物种类丰富,从沙漠草原到热带丛林都有。

9. regiment ['red?im?nt] n.(军队)团; (军队的)团;一大群人(或事物)

regiment v.把…编成团;使(职工,劳动者等)受组织训练;组织化;把…编成组

He prides himself on remembering the name of every man in the regiment. 他爱夸口说全团的士兵他没有一个不知道姓名的。

新概念英语第三册第30课 语法课文词汇全析全解(一)

?10.action 核心词汇

1. action ['?k??n] n.战斗,表示战斗时是不可数名词,这一点与中文词义不同,不要用中文定式思维的方式,误用作可数名词。[U] fighting in a war战斗;作战

①Her younger son was killed in action.她的小儿子在战斗中阵亡。

②He was reported missing in action.据报道,他在战斗中失踪。

③His father told everybody that Eric had been killed in action. 他的父亲告诉大家,埃里克在战争中被打死了。(新概念英语第三册,第30课)

2. action表示“行动,行动过程,行为”,也是 不可数名词 [U] (尤指应对问题或困难的)the process of doing something, especially when dealing with a problem or difficulty

①This problem calls for swift/prompt action from the government. 这一问题需要政府马上采取行动。

[action + to infinitive]

②Action to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 is high on the government's agenda. 采取行动防止新冠肺炎疫情蔓延是政府的当务之急。

③We must take action (= do something) to deal with the problem before it spreads to other areas. 在这一问题蔓延到其他地区之前我们一定要采取行动将其解决。

④So what's the plan of action (= What are we going to do)? 那麼行動計劃是甚麼?

3. action 发生的事情(尤指)令人激动的事,大事,可以理解为ACTIVITY活动不可数名词[U] things which are happening, especially exciting or important things

①I like films with a lot of action.我喜欢情节刺激的影片。

②In her last novel, the action (= the main events) moves between Greece and southern Spain. 在她最近发表的那部小说里,故事情节在希腊和西班牙南部交替展开。

4. 行为,作为,所做之事,可数名词 [C] something that you do

①She has to accept the consequences of her actions. 她必须对自己行为的后果负责。

②I asked him to explain his actions. 我要求他为自己的所作所为作出解释。

5.(身体的)动作可数名词[C] a physical movement

①I'll say the words and you can mime the actions. 我会说出这些词,你可以做动作把它们的意思表达出来。

②It only needs a small wrist action (= movement of the wrist) to start the process.只需动一动手腕,程序就启动了。

6. 作用一物对另一物所起的)[一般仅作单数单数S] the effect something has on another thing(作用)

They recorded the action of the drug on the nervous system.他们记录下了这种药物对神经系统的作用。

7. 运作;功能。作可数名词,或不可数名词 [C or U] the way something moves or works

①We studied the action of the digestive system. 我们研究了消化系统的机能。②The car has a very smooth braking action.这辆轿车刹车性能很平稳。

新概念英语第三册第30课 语法课文词汇全析全解(一)

8. 习惯用语idiom

1. Actions speak louder than words. 行动胜于言辞。

A saying to emphasize that what you do is more important and shows your intentions and feelings more clearly than what you say

2. out of 出故障;失灵;停止运转

If a machine or vehicle is out of action, it is not working or cannot be USED.

①I'm afraid the TV's out of action. 恐怕电视机坏了。

注意: If a person is out of action, they are injured or ill and cannot do things that they usually do因病倒或受伤不能正常活动

②Jackson's torn ligaments will keep him out of action for the rest of the season. 杰克逊韧带拉伤,这个赛季剩余的比赛他都不能参加了。

3. a man of action实干家,活动家 a man who prefers to do things rather than think about and discuss them

①He was above all a man of action. 他首先是个实干家。

②He is a man of action. 他是个实干的人。

③Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought. 思考起来要像个实干家,行动起来要像个思想家。

④Byron was at heart a man of action.拜伦在本质上是一个活动家。

⑤Like many poets, Byron was at heart a man of action.象许多诗人一样,拜伦在本质上是一个活动家。

⑥A man of action really does things; he is not content to talk. 讲求实干的人真正干事情,而不满足于空谈。

⑦A man of action is not content to talk.讲求行动的人不以空谈为满足。

4. a piece/slice of the action参与,插手(他人成功之事);分一杯羹;(尤指在利益、生意、投机买卖等方面)享有一份。

involvement in something successful that someone else has started

①Now research has proved that the drug is effective, so everyone wants a slice of the action. 目前研究证明这种药的确有效,所以大家都想趁机分一杯羹。

②Do you want a piece of the action? 你想分一份吗?

③No one would say that you're taking a piece of the action? 没有人会说你在进行任何赌博?

④Will you ground me if I don't give you a piece of the action?而没有分你一份,你就会干掉我?

⑤I don't see anything wrong with the workers owning a piece of the action. 我并不认为让工人们拥有一点股票有什么不对。

⑥They know the continent is growing fast and they want a piece of the action. 他们知道这块大陆正在飞速发展,都想从中分得一杯羹。

⑦Of course, the US army got a piece of the action. 当然,美国陆军也插了一脚。

⑧Make sure that everybody, regardless of their true identity , gets a piece of the action.一定要让每个人,不管是什么身份,都能享受到一份。

新概念英语第三册第30课 语法课文词汇全析全解(一)

9. action v. 对…采取行动;就…采取措施。

action作动词通常用于被动语态 [T usually passive],to do something to deal with a particular problem or matter.

①I'll just run through the minutes of the last meeting, raising those points which still have to be actioned.下面我将扼要重述一下上次会议的记录,把亟待处理的重点问题提出来。

11. recluse [ri'klu:s] n.隐士a person who lives alone and avoids going outside or talking to other people 隐居者;喜欢独处的人

He is a millionaire recluse who refuses to give interviews. 他是个喜欢独处的百万富翁,不接受别人的采访。

reclusive adjective 隐遁的,隐居的,避世隐居,幽寂的

North Korea's reclusive leader Kim Jong-il is thought to be ill and trying to ensure the succession of his youngest son. 人们认为朝鲜隐居的领导人金正日病了,并且正努力确保他小儿子的继承权。

新概念英语第三册第30课 语法课文词汇全析全解(一)



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